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FREE Delivery on all Bolts, Nuts & Washers!

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6" Securing Pegs for Weed Control Fabric - 15 Pack

Securing pegs have a very practical use when laying down weed control membrane. Over time natural movements in the ground occur disturbing earth above and underneath the surface. Using an appropriate fixing can ensure a membrane remains in its originally intended position meaning the material can be used to its full effectiveness for much longer.

These particular pegs are designed with a larger head giving more surface area to hold the material in place and with 6 barbs running along the body of the peg this helps the peg to lock firmly into the ground.

It is advised to remove any bulky rocks and sharp objects before laying material and fixing pegs into the ground.

Length - 6" / 150mm (Approx)
Diameter - 30mm
Barbs - 6

Uses: Securing membrane, covers, fleeces and other horticultural sheeting.