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FREE Delivery on all Bolts, Nuts & Washers!
FREE Delivery on all Bolts, Nuts & Washers!

Product Details

Debris Scaffold Netting - 2m x 10m (Green) 70gsm

This netting is 70gsm and has button hole eyelets to allow easy fixing. It can be used around Scaffolding to protect the public from any falling debris as well as hiding any unsightly construction sites.

The netting can also be used to create a barrier or partition during sports or recreational events. It is also extremely popular and widely used as a general garden netting, whether on allotments, greenhouses or on farms to place over plants, crops or vegetation helping to protect produce.

- 70gsm mono filament construction
- UV stabilised polyethylene
- Knitted eyelets all round
- The Mesh Size is approx 2mm and density is 50%
- Perfect for garden or greenhouse use
- Can also be used as windbreak, shade and balcony netting for privacy